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The next few lines should explain something about the history of the “Official Anastacia Fanclub” and where it originated.

It all began on October 30th 2004, Anastacia’s first concert in Vienna, Austria. It had been such a fascinating experience to see this women live on stage which, in turn, sparked the idea of creating an organised fanclub, at the time this was a completely new & original idea for the Anastacia community. One of the first people I came in contact with was Tatjana, the idea was born and we started to take the necessary steps.

We started to gather facts from the responsible offices and searched for our 3rd person, in which we found Sabrina. On December 29th, 2004 the “Anastacia Fanclub Austria” was founded.

During this period I started work on creating a website, I had no idea how to accomplish this but thankfully a friend, Christian & his son, were able to provide invaluable support.

From one year to the next members started flooding in. Since December 2004 we have had some incredible & utterly unforgettable experiences above any of our initial expectations. We have been able to meet Anastacia in person and the great honour & opportunity to interview her, just to mention a few of the many highlights.

As a fanclub we have been able to visit dozens of concerts all over the world, whilst also having the possibility of meeting Anastacia in person. Due to our brightly designed red t-shirts we soon acquired the nickname “Red Shirts” given to us by Anastacia.

March 6th 2010, another huge accomplishment for the fanclub. Anastacia approached us to sell her almost forgotten “Survivor Chick Shirts” through our online shop. Whilst shooting the commercial Anastacia herself declared us as the “Official Anastacia Fanclub”.

As the Official Anastacia Fanclub, our ethos is to not only unite fans but to also support Anastacia in raising breast cancer awareness! Together we can make a difference!!!

Babs & the whole team are grateful for every member & always look forward to welcoming new members & friends!