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[:en]Anastacia just gave a very interesting interview to italian newspaper Iodonna where she talked about music, fashion and politics while she is in Milan.

– Why is Donald Trump so popular?
Really don’t know. I’m really afraid of a possible election. Whoever will be next Us president, he/she will find a better place. Barack Obama did really a wonderful job these years. I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

– What do you think of a woman as next Us president?
It’ never a gender matter. She is really good. She was even 8 years ago and this years with Barack Obama.

– Have you ever met Barack Obama?
Unfortunately not in person. I would really loved. I hope in the future.

– How Capsule collection with Blumarine has born?
I really love what is sparkle and bling bling factor. I even have glitter nails. I have this passion in common with Anna Molinari, and even Blumarine clothes have this sparkle factor. So we decided to create a limited edition of glasses. Their sticks have an A . We’re already thinking to create a new one!.

– Is it true you own a 100 and more collection of glasses?Are you a competitor of Elton John?
No, he has thousands. I’m really mad for glasses. They are my hallmark. So important for my look.

– What is fashion for Anastacia?
It is the other side of music for me. I have a big voice, but i think that without all clothes that I worn, my music would never have the same visual effect.

– How will the the stage dresses be?
I will paint my own dresses. I have my fashion house.I’m going to London and with my stylists I will try to create something extravagant, something crazy. I would love dresses with long lines, really spectacular.

Your “Ultimate Collection tour” will kick of from Italy, Why?
Easy: You always love me so much. You always supported me and always been there when I fall down. That means the world to me.

Have you got a dream Anastacia?
Yes, I would love to write a book, a book about my life. I will tell my story from a new point of view, that no one knows. I really care about it. I now need a good writers that helps me in writing it.

Full interview in italian here
[:it]Anastacia mentre si trova a Milano per lanciare la sua nuova linea di occhiali nata dalla collaborazione con BluMarine, ha rilasciato un’interessante intervista per il gironale Iodonna. Ha parlato di musica, del prossimo tour ma anche di moda e politica.

Potete leggere l’intera intervista qui . [:]

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