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Anastacia posted naked selfie

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On June 24th prior her concert in Halle/Germany Anastacia posted this naked selfie on her instagram! It caused different reactions within her fanily! We just can say this was such a brave step, to show women all over the world how beautiful a lady can be and how comfortable she can feel also after a double mastectomy! A simple CHAPEAU to Anastacia!

Also the press all over the world found the pic after a few days and the reaction was positiv and the whole world is admiring for the step she did!

Hollerrrrrrrr #SurvivorChick!!! 👀👅

Ein von Anastacia (@anastaciamusic) gepostetes Foto am



Auch in verschiedensten TV-Sendungen wurde über das Bild nur positiv berichtet, hier ein Bericht bei Lorraine im UK-TV!



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