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Anastacia im "miss" Interview

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Anastacia im miss Interview:

‘Ich möchte, gemeinsam mit meinen Fans, mein neues Album “Ultimate Collection” feiern und ihnen danken, dass sie mir all die Jahre treu geblieben sind, trotz der vielen Höhen und Tiefen.’

Anastacia spricht über ihr neues Album “Ultimate Collection”, über peinliche Momente auf der Bühne und über ihre neue Brillenkollektion. Neugierig geworden? – Das komplette Interview mit der Zeitschrift miss findet ihr hier.[:en]

Anastacia in the miss Interview:

‘Together with my fans I want to celebrate my new album “Ultimate Collection” and I want to thank them that they’ve been supporting me through all those years, despite the many highs and lows.’


Anastacia’s new album has arrived

 On the 6th of November, Anastacia’s greatest hits album “Ultimate Collection” will be released. We have talked to the appealing artist about her new album.

Anastacia’s trademark: her unique voice. And it’s also her voice that provides for goosebumps on her new album Ultimate Collection. We have talked to the singer about her new album.

miss: On the 30th of October your second greatest hits album “The Ultimate Collection” will be released. On the album we can find a lot of your hits, but also some new songs, like “Take This Chance”. In this song you sing “that you will do something you never tried”, do you mean something in particular here?

Anastacia: It’s just about living your life without being cautious, but to pay attention on what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Maybe to try something new, even though you might feel uncomfortable with doing so, no matter if that’s a new job or if you’re about to enter into a new relationship. We should always try to leave our comfort zone, only then we can grow and gain power. It is important to sometimes try and do new things that you haven’t done before.

miss: At the beginning of this year you’ve been to Vienna during your “Resurrection” tour. How did you like the city?

Anastacia: Vienna is amazing, I love it! The time we’ve been to Austria, it was carnival time. That was really great to watch, it is like Halloween in the US. I would love to go to Vienna on a private basis at this time of the year, it sure is fun. Apart from that I could just slip into a disguise and nobody would recognize me.

miss: You’ve already had lots of performances and concerts in your life. Do you remember something particularly funny or embarrassing?

Anastacia: Probably too many embarrassing things … these things always happen to me, there’s a long list. But I’m able to laugh about all of it. From time to time I even forget my text on stage. I mean, forgetting a text from other artists, that’s nothing terrible, but forgetting your own, the one you’ve written on your own? I then turn around to my fans and they know, but they laugh with me. That’s really funny! I’m kind of clumsy. Yesterday, I tweeted #takethatchance instead of #takethischance. I think I’m just typing too fast.

miss: What kind of music do you prefer when you’re on your own? Do you have a favorite artist?

Anastacia: There are so many fantastic musicians at the moment. I am a huge fan of Rihanna, Macklemore and Taylor Swift. I like different types of music, I do not want to commit myself too much. I also like Black Keys or Mummford & Sons. The music of these artists is different, but every one of them is very talented in his field.

miss: You’re also on Instagram. What do you especially like to post?

Anastacia: Recently I like to post flashbacks. But I think I’m doing something wrong. People always ask me: “Ah, was it yesterday?” and I answer: “No! That was 10 years ago!” It seems like I haven’t changed at all during this time. But that’s not bad, I also liked me and my style 10 years ago. I love sharing things with my fans that happen in my everyday life, on Instagram and Twitter. But I have to confess, I’m not the smartest concerning these things. Just the other day I didn’t know how to publish a video, but fortunately I have many great people around me to help.

miss: Since you’ve been into the music business for quite a while now and also quite successfully, do you have an advice for young artists who are trying to start a music career?

Anastacia: I think if I gave advice to young artists these days, it wouldn’t really help them. Music industry has changed a lot. When I started with music back then, everything was about live performances and shows, that’s how you were discovered. Today it’s all about the internet and YouTube. I think the kids from today should rather give me advice (is laughing), which they are also doing from time to time. I like that, I’m learning new things everyday.

miss: You designed a clothing collection for s.Oliver, is fashion your secret passion?

Anastacia: I love fashion, it’s a huge passion of me. In spring 2016 I’m releasing a collection of sunglasses with blumarine. It consists of five models and as a bonus they are decorated with Swarovski stones. I am already really excited, because I’ve always wanted to do that. The models I’ve designed are unfortunately only for women, but maybe I will do a men’s collection one day.

miss: What kind of clothes do you wear in privacy, when you’re not on stage?

Anastacia: I think I’ve never left my house in sweat pants. Of course I’m wearing that at home, but I would never consider leaving my house like THAT. The outfits are basically the same, no matter if I am working or if I’m on the road in private, only my hair and make-up are more discreet when I am in private. I love wearing maxi dresses or jeans and t-shirts, clothes in which I feel comfortable.

miss: After your breast cancer operation you created the “Anastacia Fun” in 2003. Do you have any tips for young women, or women in general, how to cope with something like that?

Anastacia: The best advice I can give to women is to regularly see a doctor. Early diagnosis is the way to survive. I know it’s no fun seeing a doctor, nobody likes doing it, but it’s the thing that can save your life. It is so much better to see a doctor on time and to have it detected than to have it detected too late, because that’s when it frightens you. Then the journey is a completely different one, a journey that’s way more difficult. I do not want to scare people, I just want them to know that the doctor is a good person and that you can die if you’re not doing a check regularly. And everybody wants to live, right? That’s the best argument: life.

miss: Do you have other plans for the future besides music?

Anastacia: I have to say that my music career and my health are the most important things to me right now. I’m completely concentrating on that recently. Together with my fans I want to celebrate my new album “Ultimate Collection” and I want to thank them that they’ve been supporting me through all those years, despite the many highs and lows.[:]

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