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Evolution Album Artwork

It seems to be the day of big news today. As promised Anastacia also released the album Artwork today. Also the official press release by Universal Music Germany was sent out today! Translation to follow asap!!!

 ANASTACIA: New album “Evolution” (release: 15.09.17) + new single “Caught In The Middle” (release: 28.07.17) + “Music loves Fashion” – own fashion collection for ALDI SÜD

Ever since the release of her trendsetting debut album “Not That Kind” in 2000, Anastacia is ranked one of the most successful, popular and glamorous artists within the world of pop.  She is a charismatic, exceptional singer who gains a steadily growing fan community around the globe with her indescribably strong and rocking soul voice for two decades now.  Also off stage she samples one true girl of power, fighting strikes of fate that just made her stronger. After she celebrated her own resurrection with the album “Resurrection” three years ago, following the battle of a fatal disease, the indestructable pop-rock-phenomenon is now taking the next step in her development with “Evolution”.

With hits like „I’m Outta Love“, „Paid My Dues“, „Left Outside Alone“ or „Sick & Tired“, which got celebrated around the globe, Anastacia moved the audience, made them dance and contemplate. There is one important message that you can also find in the new album of the US world star: Face all challenges bravely, fight and stand up again when life knocks you down. “Nothing came to me naturally, I’ve worked hard for everything. Only if you work hard for certain things, you really get to value it”, reveals th 48 year old music and style icon. This motto earned her top #1 chart positions in 19 countries, gold, silver and platin for her 30 mio globally sold CDs, more than 100 mio youtube views and various international awards like 6 MTV awards, 4 ECHOS, three World Music Awards, three Brit Awards, three Goldene Europa Awards, the Woman’s World Award, Bambi, Goldene Kamera and much more.

Anastacia is telling her personal story on her new LP. Everything from her troubled start into the music world to her current cult status is covered by the passionate music lover who released her 2nd #1 album “Freak of Nature” in 2001. It is a honest, emotional resumé in which doesn’t just cover the sunny moments of her life. “In every decade of my life so many things happened” remembers the daughter of a singer and an actor. “I’ve gone through so many highs but also so many lows. I’ve witnessed so many fantastic moments but also moments in which I was totally broken up. You can find all that in the songs, and of course also the lessons I’ve learnt through that.”

With her first single „Caught In The Middle“ Anastacia is giving a sample of the forceful hurricane of sound that she is unleashing in her new album. “The lyrics are about a situation that most people know: You’ve fallen out of love and you just wanna break out of that relationship. But you are caught in it and wonder if it’s better to stay or leave. I can only write about things that I’ve gone through myself or that moved me in some way”.

At approximately the same time of her album release for “Evolution” she is also launching a new, exclusive fashion collection that the US singer created together with ALDI SÜD. Following the slogan “Music loves Fashion” it will offer several outfits in a glam-rock-style. They’ve been created after the wishes and preferences of the international rock star.  “The whole collection is representing me and my style. We’ve got skinny jeans with destroyed effects and studs, biker jackets, many shirts with cool prints. I love such little details”, she says.

From Sept 14th on the collection sale starts in all ALDI SÜD shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.

The collection will be presented in a high class fashion show where the singer will also present some of her songs from the new album. The “Music loves Fashion” show will take place on 7th Sept in Cologne, E-Werk. The limited tickets as well as many signed merchandise items will be raffled from 24th July on at

„Evolution“ will be released on 15th Sept 2017 in cooperation with Music for Millions, the music label of the RTL media group.

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