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Evolution Tour Budapest, HU

Gestern stoppte die Evolution Tour in Budapest/Ungarn für eine weitere Show! Checkt hier das Material dazu!


Left Outside Alone
• Caught In The Middle
• I Can Feel You
• Redlight
Sick And Tired
• Cowboys And Kisses
One Day In Your Life
• Funk Medley
• Nobody Loves Me Better
• Why
• Pieces Of A Dream
Stupid Little Things
Paid My Dues
• APP Song – You Give Love A Bad Name
• Drum Solo Steve
• I Do
• Boxer
• My Everything
• I’m Outta Love





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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Niki Makovinszky (@nikimakovinszky) am





#anastacia #budapest #hungary #evolution #evolutiontour #concert

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Niki Makovinszky (@nikimakovinszky) am



INTERVIEW – Translation by Bianka

“The Whole World’s Become a Big, Fat Filter” – Anastacia
A Pesti Est exclusive interview

On the 13th of May, Anastacia presented the songs of her latest album, Evolution, in Tüskecsarnok. We talked to her about the new tracks, her illness, surgeries, and what message she was trying to convey to her younger fans.

The tour for your new album, Evolution, started in mid-April. What is it like to be on the road again?

The most exciting thing about it all is that the new songs are in perfect harmony with older music, as if the album had come out in 2006. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I was working on the Anastacia album. This happened in 2004, and until recently it did not come out on an album, not until I felt completely whole. Of course, you only see these things in hindsight. When Heavy Rotation was being made, I’d just switched labels. Then came It’s a Man’s World; then in 2014, Resurrection, which was after my second cancer and became a very different album, really cathartic, emotional, but I was still going through a lot at the time and did not feel that my strength was quite back yet. I felt like I’d gotten through a storm, but there were still more ahead, because I had to undergo more surgeries (Anastacia has always been open about her mastectomy and consecutive reconstructive surgeries – ed.). I had a lot of surgeries in the last four years. The last one, I mean the very last one I had to go through, was last December. Now I feel like a brand-new person!

So Resurrection didn’t mark the end of what was perhaps the second most difficult time in your life…

Resurrection was actually about, okay, I beat cancer, but there’s still a long way to go before my body feels normal again or before I, as a woman, feel comfortable again in my skin after the huge change I myself had decided about. This doesn’t happen overnight. After certain trials in a person’s life, whether it’s the birth of a child or going through cancer, you’ll never be the same again. And there’s no point in deluding yourself about this. The most important thing is to find the small part of us that’s happy. Of course, we’re not going to look the same, and maybe our voice isn’t even going to be the same, but we have to find happiness within ourselves. I think that’s exactly what I try to help people with through my music.

You recorded Evolution in Stockholm in the summer of 2016, during the Ultimate Collection tour.

Yes, and this isn’t necessarily a thing I would like to do again. Although I seem to work well under pressure, and looking back, I think it became a great album, especially in the light of how exhausted I’d been and that there were times when I was tearing my hair out.

Why was there so much pressure on you?

Because there was already a release date. Usually it’s the other way around, you do an album, and then come up with the release date. It came up during the tour, the idea to do a new album, and I said, “Okay, I haven’t done anything like this before, let’s record it during the tour!” But it wasn’t easy at all. I didn’t expect it to be either, maybe I just didn’t think it would be such a big challenge voice-wise.

It was your first time working with Swedish song-writer and producer Anders Bagge…

Yeah, and it was also the first time I didn’t record a whole album in America. You wouldn’t even imagine, but it also makes a difference that you’re not sleeping in your own bed or driving your own car … I was in a foreign country, and even though Sweden is a beautiful place and most people speak English, somehow it still wasn’t quite the same.

You wrote or co-wrote a good part of the songs on the album, but the first-to-release Caught In the Middle wasn’t written by you. Do you relate differently to the songs you are not the author of?

During my career, I’ve sometimes been given or shown songs that had me go, “oh, this is me!” It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s very exciting for me. This time we needed songs due to the short time frame, and this is a great song.

You liked it so much you felt it needed to be the first one out from your new album?

I’d rather say it seemed suitable for it. As far as I’m concerned, I love a lot of songs from the album …

What are your favourites?

Oh, for example Why is fantastic, only maybe not so radio-friendly. I love Before a lot for what it’s about, and also Knock Me Down. I think there are quite a few songs on the album with an old-school sound. Boxer is awesome, and Pain is a song that screams from the depths of your soul. I think these songs bring the funky, rock, soul thing I’ve always represented during my career and I’m finally able to fully convey again.

You’ve always said it’s the song lyrics, the message, that’s most important for you. What’s the most important message of this album?

I think it’s mostly that you should let yourself grow and don’t need to beat yourself up about different things. For example, as I sing in Before … (singing) Thinking all night, thinking all day / About how I used to be before / I’m thinking about her, thinking about me / Always going after more… You can’t beat yourself up trying to be someone else, or to be what you were before. You must allow yourself to change – with elegance and kindness. Especially in an industry where it’s about filters, beauty, glitter, and blah-blah. Of course this is important to us artists, but I don’t want it to drag people down, or for the young audience to feel they need to immediately retouch every picture of themselves they post somewhere. Because there’s a standard that’s very hard to meet. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t see yourself through a filter but in the mirror, and I don’t want young people to feel they cannot live up to that filter. I’d like to give them the confidence to be true to themselves, because the whole world’s become a big, fat filter.

Two years ago, you appeared on the British dance show Strictly Come Dancing, which is interesting because you’d actually started your career performing as a dancer.

Yes, although even then I wasn’t really a dancer, I just had a good sense of rhythm and I felt comfortable on stage. But as I started singing, I quit that. Actually, I’ve never danced during my concerts, because the singing’s always been the priority. So when I took on Strictly, I actually came out of my comfort zone, and I’m glad I did it. Perhaps it would have been better if it had come after my last surgery, because back then I didn’t feel so comfortable in my own skin yet, but I think even through such struggles you become a better person.

Despite your health issues and the numerous surgeries, you have not slowed down in recent years. Don’t you ever feel tired?
Yes, I do get tired, but when I’m on tour, it’s all about work for me. I don’t go out to party, I don’t meet people. I give interviews and concentrate on the concert. My concerts are never 70 percent, they’re more like 110 percent. I sing every single note you hear on the album, sometimes even more than that. When I’m on promotional tour, which I do quite a lot, I have more time, and I feel very lucky to have been able to travel the world. But when I’m touring, I can’t afford to have a beautiful church or sight distract me from actually being on tour.

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