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Evolution Tour Tashkent/UZB

Anastacia trat gestern in Tashent/Uzbekistan im Дружба Hародов/Drujba Narodov Theater auf! Checkt was wir dazu gefunden haben!


• Left Outside Alone
• Caught In The Middle
• I Can Feel You
• Greeting Fans
• Sick And Tired
• Before
• One Day In Your Life
• Funky Medley
• Nobody Loves You Better
• Cowboys And Kisses
• Why
• Pieces Of A Dream
• Stupid Little Things
• Paid My Dues
• APP Song – Sweet Child O’Mine
• I Do
• Boxer
• My Everything
• I’m Outta Love






Шикарная💓 #Anastacia #concert #tashkent #anastaciamusic @anastaciamusic

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