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Anastacia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 at the devastatingly young age of 34, after a year of battling the disease with hours of surgery and radiotherapy the singer beat cancer and set up ‘The Anastacia Fund’ in corporation with BCRF.
In 2013, exactly 10 Years after her first diagnose, a horrible message arrived as the cancer was back.
Anastacia decided to have a double mastectomy, she had both breasts rebuilt from muscle tissue. A stony way she choose, but the only one for her. And again, she fought back after countless surgeries and therapy!
Her charity work is still very important for her and she joined forces with Cancer Research UK in the fight against cancer.

Our main ambition is to support Anastacia’s cause to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer, in particular breast cancer in younger women with no family history of the disease. Over the years we have raised funds as a community totally over

€ 24.300,-

for this great cause! This could not have been possible without the dedicated support of our members.

Below you can read the donations we have submitted with your memberships and shop purchases.


€ 12.000,-

Our first donation was at Lyoness in 2011, we were able to present Anastacia, Nina and Bettina (from Lyoness to whom we will be forever grateful to for all the support), with a substantial check for a whopping 12,000€. Showing that together we truly can make a difference.

FEBRUARY 27th 2012

€ 3.000,-

February 27th, a day we all remember, Anastacia announced that after 10 years in remission cancer was back, at this point we made our second donation of 3,000€. After making the donation we received a letter from BCRF thanking us for the donation.

MAY 7th 2014

€ 3.000,-

Our 3rd donation to the Anastacia fund was another 3,000€ which we were able to present to Anastacia in Milan before the in store signing session using our own presentation check.


 € 300,-

In December 2014 we spotted an article about a boy, Sebastian, who sadly had terminal cancer and did not have long left to live. The brave boy had lost his mother to cancer, whom had been diagnosed with breast and thyroid cancer whilst pregnant with Sebastian and gave birth 3 months early, when he was just 18 months old. Sebastian, although growing into a healthy toddler after a difficult start was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer at age 2 and half. By age 5 doctors believed he had beaten the deadly disease.

Sadly that is not the end of the story for the young boy, later that year he was diagnosed with Leukaemia and was subjected to daily rounds of Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy weakens the immune system which sadly places patients in a vulnerable state making them susceptible to infections, Sebastian kept fighting through both the cancer and a fungus infection which was attacking his organs. Eventually the inspirational fighter became too weak and the chemotherapy ceased to work.

In July 2014, Sebastian received a cancer diagnosis for the 3rd time. The soft tissue cancer had returned, doctors removed his left lung and planned to amputate his foot due to the tumors. Johannes Ofer, Sebastian’s father, made the heart breaking decision that his little boy had suffered enough and refused to give permission for the surgery. His father wanted the time he had left to live to be worth living and enjoyable.

Sebastian had one wish – to go to Disneyland in America to meet Mickey and friends.

With permission from Anastacia and Shawn we donated 300€ to help this remarkable young boy’s final wish come true and on January 22nd 2015 Sebastian and his father boarded a plane to Disneyland, USA.

NOVEMBER 11th 2016

€ 3.000,-

Our 4th donation to the Anastacia Fund! Anastacia war part of the UK TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and made public that she will donate her fee to her new partner ‘Cancer Research UK’! A day after her  birthday we met her in Munich and could tell her that we will top up this donation with more 3,000 € and she was jut overwhelmed!

SEPTEMBER 17th 2018

€ 3.000,-

Our 5th donation to the Anastacia Fund! Again we wanted to surprise Anastacia for her birthday and again we transfered € 3.000,- to Cancer Research UK.