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As most of you have recognized there was a kinda ‘drama’ around ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ last weekend! Anastacia ripped her scar tissue around her mastectomy scar during the training. Because of that she and Brendan had to change the choreography on show  day! Even with all these problems they showed a really great performance with the Salsa!
Unfortunately the judges weren’t as friendly as in week one and so the couple should go in the dance-off!

At least it was BBC decision that it was to risky to let injured Anastacia dance again, so the audience votes decided and at least Malvin Odoom was the one who had to leave!

Around this whole story there were a lot of articles written and a lot of unfair things were said but there is just one article with reading, so just check out this article by Huffington Post as it says everything that has to be said!

Till today it was not sure if Anastacia will be able to dance at the weekend, but today the official statement arrived at her website and socials!

We are updating our video gallery bit by bit with all the stuff around strictly. So just keep checking!


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